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About us
● Chairman‘s Statement ●
As CGP came into existence in 2010, we set a goal to become the pioneer, leader and advocator of Chinese FOFs. In our journey, we cut out paths through mountains and build bridges across rivers. At present, CGP has grown into a professional and influential FOF manager. We remain true to original aspiration and keep up with the times to move forward.
With the rise and take-off of China's economy, the demand for asset and wealth management is growing exponentially, which provides us with rare opportunities. With a high degree of professionalism and concentration, we have laid a solid foundation. We believe that chance favors the prepared mind. We are committed to building China's future VC/PE ecosystem and industry & investment platform of emerging sectors of strategic importance and becoming the leading alternative asset management company being able to represent China and stand on the world stage.

Characteristics such as abiding by conscience, being people-oriented, innovation and hard work, mutual assistance and cooperation, self-motivation, respect and humility, benevolence and loyalty, and pursuit of excellence are all reflected in every one of us. We are always united by our dream, seeking common ground while reserving differences, trusting and supporting each other, and growing together. Even mountains and seas cannot distance people with common aspirations. We are not only looking forward to the success of ourselves but also committed to achieving a win-win situation with our partners.

We engage in practices that benefit the entire industry and even contribute to the nation revitalization. We strive to assist the government and investors alike in allocating their capital and resources to the most promising and valuable industries and enterprises. Our primary objective is to create value for society and become a trustworthy and respected company. We believe that only a company with such aspirations deserves to go down in the history of China's private equity industry!